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If you didn’t see the #LOVEExoticandSplurge video for Valentine’s Day the full video is on @exoticsplurge page ❤️😃🙌🏾 #comment #like #REPOST #support #Love #fashion #Streetwear #Urbanfashion #exoticsplurge

This my first official holiday video for @exoticsplurge Spread the LOVE on this Valentine’s Day and let me know what you think🔥❤️ [Full Video on @exoticsplurge page] • #LOVEExoticandSplurge #LiveExoticandSplurge #exoticsplurge #Love #Fashion #streetwear #urbanfashion #happyvalentinesday

Since a pup I was labeled “man of the house” so as a “Man” I got to provide. I need a HundoMil!🗣 @exoticsplurge

@yung.187 showed my brand love💯 and just dropped new heat with @ayo_215 🔥Philly lit!! #ExoticSplurge #LiveExoticandSplurge

I love babies but why my head though Lily👶🏽❤️ Btw I’m still living exotic and splurging😂🤷🏽‍♂️ #Seasick #ExoticSplurge

I only love my brand and my momma I’m sorry🗣 #ExoticSplurge #LiveExoticandSplurge

This is the reason why I had to remove certain people from my life. It’s nothing personal just business! Goodmorning😃🙌🏾

🎯Right on the nose

“You know, we goin' have it our way Young kings, living out the dream Bossed up, on every scene” - @tak215 👑💪🏾 #ceo #liveexoticandsplurge

New businesses. New Splurge on the way now!!!! *Brr *Brr That’s the shipment on the way now!! Mama told me if you fall never stay down •[GrimGlowHoodie] #LiveExoticandSplurge #ExoticSplurge #newbusiness 🤫

@diddy We all locking in💯 #LiveExoticandSplurge @exoticsplurge

@_tirsamarie @amandalee.xoxo will be hosting #fashionmondays @ bside so you know @exoticsplurge will be there supporting🙌🏾 I need everyone to save the date😃 #vxxxv #exoticsplurge #LiveExoticandSplurge

10 toes over here🗣💘

Dj Ceo Quane😂 Penn State showed love. S/o @gottiafs & @iamdjrictor 💯 #LiveExoticandSplurge #EXOTICSPLURGE #PSU

Learned a lot from a wise guy. Remember when I was 14-15 doing the most tryna keep up with him. He told me he seen the young him in me and knew I was going the wrong way. I started @exoticsplurge and changed for the better before things got worst🙏🏾💯 2018 Everybody around me WILL boss up!💪🏾 • P.S @ellegantbliss used to throw on all black just to get the rent paid #TBT

It’s crazy because as African Americans we DO NOT come together as one unless something tragic happens. There’s so many black businesses out there but most of us bash each other besides uplifting each other. If we help each other get to the top I swear we’ll be dominant in the economy. As for the people that’s already there throw down the ladder! Meanwhile, we make the least but spend the most smh. • @exoticsplurge #LiveExoticandSplurge #blackbusiness #blackbusinessowner #supportblackbusiness

Trying to please these n****s, sh*t gone prolly wear me out. Drive me crazy, I been by myself lately! #heavyheart •Button down shirt: @exoticsplurge #liveexoticandsplurge 💫

Mirror mirror on the wall who the thurlest of them all... • @exoticsplurge #EXOTICSPLURGE #liveexoticandsplurge #Ceo

About to count up the comments![MULTIPLE COMMENTS DO NOT COUNT] Thanks to the people that commented, reposted, and supported because it means a lot YOU READY?🤔 [GRIM GLOW HOODIE] • If you didn’t comment on my last post do it now🤢🔥 #LiveExoticAndSplurge

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