Designer from Newfoundland, Canada.


I’ve been stuck inside way too often this winter. It’s time@to get out there and face the cold! Excited for a few trips coming up next month: a week in Norris Point followed soon thereafter with a return to Iceland, my favourite place on earth.

Reminiscing about summer days on the water.

Bay Bulls is one of the large nesting grounds in Newfoundland during the summer months. From wherever you look, hundreds, sometimes thousands, of seabirds take over these rugged cliffs and it’s an extraordinary sight to behold.

Iceland during the rainy shoulder season is vastly underrated. I love the burnt orange and wheat colours that spring up for just a few weeks at a time. Anyone else agree?

Spines of the wilderness.

It wasn’t until early adulthood that I thought a sight like this was a rarity; one of the many perks of growing up just a few inches away from the Atlantic.

Textures from the Atlantic. In this image, I’m standing on a rock a few feet out from a coastline near Norris Point. Excited to head back there next month!

Do you long for those calming ocean sounds too?

My kind of snow—just a sprinkle of it. 😊

Hikes with breathtaking views around every corner.

Wintery forests are my new favourite thing. 📷: @mister.bae

My favourite sea stack that I hope to visit again this summer.


I had just been snacking and switching lenses when I saw something stark white out in the distance. Looking forward to more iceberg captures this spring.

A morning spent roaming around Toronto Island is good for the soul.

She’s the best.

Inside it all feels the same.

Always in search of new heights.

I was ecstatic to have found two of my favourite colours in one image. 💚💜

I hope that things are looking up for you.