#Throwback to my favorite place to stay in Lisbon. Can't wait to be there (hopefully) very soon again, since I'm planning to travel way more often this year than the last ones.

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I did nothing today and it was awesome. (which will also be the title of my autobiography one day)
Things I've done today: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. So basically just usual sunday stuff.
Just looking cute, while watching birds on the windowsill. Wish I had a hobby, which excites me that much... (well, except reading, obviously)
I wish I would be as motivated in daily life as I'm in dragging plants around the apartment to new places every other weeks.
Cleaned kitchen, after I made a mess while making banana-hanuta milkshakes (yeah, I'm on that health-level (aka non) right now) and forgot to close the little seal of my mixer.
At least 60% of the time I'm sitting at my workplace, I'm not actually working. I'm rather doodling weird cats in my notebook, googling Jason Schwartzman trivia (did you know that his little brother is the singer of Rooney??) or just think about dinner.
Had to relocate our kitchen-monstera into the bedroom, because it was craving for more light (same, btw). #monsteramonday .
ps: what to we think about the continuation of call me by your name? Kinda torn about it.
So we had to put Silvia on the wall, cause Agnes (our other depressed girl) was kinda annoying us after hanging there for 4 years. Not quite sure, if Silvia likes it up there though.


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  • @thelisboans

    Let us know when ; )

  • @thewaveshavecome

    @thelisboans sure thing! ;)

  • @the_parisian_to_parnell

    😁 lovely

  • @openlistings

    Love this,

  • @paigepoorman

    Lisbon is my dream destination!!

  • @abinagendram

    love this space

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