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Bali mornings 🌴 Tuned in with the sound of silence and birds singing, connected to mother nature and exploring the inner me. Tag someone you think deserves to get out of the city, stress down and have some nature time with me in paradise. There is still some spots on the luxury yoga and fitness retreat I am hosting starting April 28th. 8 days of meditation, yoga, hiking, snorkling, healthy food, lazy pool days, waterfalls, sweaty workouts and of course some spa time with massages. It doesn't get better right?!🌍☀🙏🏼 Send me an email if you are interested

"you are embarassing yourself" "who the hell do u think you are" "you can not be a social worker and post bikini pics & dance vids on instagram, think of your reputation" These are just some of the comments I started to get from people around me when I started the process of accepting and loving myself for who I am and stopped holding my personality back to fit in to a box of expectations of who I was expected to be. It's not that I am not aware what some people are saying behind my back or to me, I just don't care. My own happiness and being true to myself has become more important than pleasing others by being less of me. I love human rights work but I also love dancing, travelling and bikinis. That doesn't make me less good at what I used to do. It took me 26 years to learn how to love myself and my body. Living with my physical disabilities, being bullied, constantly being judged as a bimbo, all this has made me hate my body. Since 2 years now I REFUSE not to love it and be proud just because some people think I'm too much and should cover up. It takes nothing to join the crowd but a lot of courage to stand alone.

Throwback to teaching human rights in Ssenyange village, Uganda. Can't wait to explore more of African culture, beauty and nature. Where to go next? Ghana? Botswana? Gambia? Madagascar? Kenya? So many places to go, need to start travelling full time to cover my bucket list 🌏 Anyone wanna sponser this travel addict? Haha🤣😜

I love this beige set from my own design @boyactivewear that will be launched soon, will look so good with a tan in the summer! Hur snyggt är inte detta set?! Tanken är att varje kollektion jag designar ska vara unik, därför tillverkas varje plagg i liten upplaga och ingen påfyllning av lager när en modell tar slut. Vill du förboka dina favoriter så maila mig på så får du förtur inför lanseringen. Damplaggen kommer i beige, marinblått och ljusgrön och består av shorts, tights, sporttopp och hoodie. Följ @boyactivewear för att hitta dina favoriter. Ha en underbar torsdag☀

Can the summer just be here already? I want summer nights and that feeling of wanting it to last forever. I want to wear white sneakers, my ripped jeans and cropped tops. I want to see my freckles and get sunkissed skin. Is this too much to ask?😄

Often we are too concerned about what other people might think of us, sometimes to the extent that we forget what's more important, what we think of ourselves. Selflove isn't something that comes for free, you have to work for it and treat it like it's the most precious treasure you have. By being true to yourself, accepting yourself and not some parts of you but YOU, as a child who deserves your love, attention and protection, then and only then, you will be free. #onewithnature

Basically been living in this set from @newyorkeronline the last couple of days 🍒

Stripes is my new thing ❤

Smoothie bowls + beach time, the perfect Monday combo 🌴🍉 Photocred @ollivves

Waking up from the sun shining in through my window this morning made me realize how much I miss waking up to sunrises like this one. 🌴☀☝️🏽 But the countdown to my Bali retreat has started, in about a month sunrises like this will be part of my daily routine 😍 And maybe yours as well, wanna join me to Bali? Send me a mail or follow my retreat account @yoretreats for more info ❤

Bali, whenever I am with you, I am able to be present in every single moment. Every rain drop touching my face feels like a blessing, the sun beems on my skin feels like an old friend I missed and your mesmerizing nature makes me beyond grateful. Sometimes I think we are meant to be together. Moment captured by awesome photographer @ollivves Wearing @wanitaswim @mermaidsbali

Can I just spend all day by the pool? 🌴☀🍉

Happy B-day to me!🎈🎂 Can't believe I am turning 28, I was just 25 and moving to Jakarta for a UNICEF fellowship and 30 was so far away!. Where did time go? 😄 30 feels like around the corner, crazy how fast time flies!

A rainy day in paradise is better than not staying in paradise! About 6 weeks left then I will finally be back in paradise for yoga, sweaty workouts, tropical fruits, waterfalls, white beaches... Bali, can't wait to see you again🌴🌴🌴

Monday and time to rise and shine.

Sun kissed skin and salty beach hair. Like things are supposed to be ☉🌴

Some moments you wish you could re-live, over and over again again. Photocred @yoweboye

What Swedish people look like when they get sun in their face after not seeing the sun for a couple of months in Sweden during winter.

There is still time to book your spot at the @bodyofyours retreat I am hosting in Bali 28 th April - 5th May. (arrival evening 27th & checkout 6th). 8 days with daily sessions of meditation, yoga and sweaty workouts combined with healthy food and adventures. @yoweboye will be your personal trainer and I will teach yoga, meditation and pranayama. 4 hours of classes/day, snorkeling trip, jungle hike, massage, breakfast, lunch, 3 course dinner, airport pickup and staying in luxury villas is ALL INCLUDED in the price. (You don't have to speak swedish or come from Sweden, everyone is welcome!) For more info email us

Messy hair, don't care. Sun is shining, I'm in love with this top from @bikbok and it's Friday! ❤