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Does BBG really work??? 💦 _ This is honestly one of THE most asked questions I get lately, due to me completing the 12 week challenge with my gals. _ SO HERES YOUR THE HONEST TRUTH! Any program/style of training that makes you happy will work for you & show progress - Why? Because when you enjoy a style of training, you’re more likely to consistently show up and do the work. A huge part of your transformation {be that mental or physical} is found in the magical word ‘consistency’✨So maybe burpees aren’t your thang and you start blaming your moms cat for not being able to show up and do the work - well gal maybe it’s time to lift weights or slow it down with some downward facing dogs🧘🏼‍♀️Why? Because that works for YOU! Because that makes you happy, and in turn - your body happy. _ THINGS TO BE AWARE OF WHEN A PROGRAM ISN’T WORKING FOR YOU: 1. You start resenting your workouts. 2. You stop making time for exercise. 3. Your body is holding onto negative energy/stress due to the type of exercises you may be forcing it to love. 4. You’re getting injured. 5. You aren’t seeing ‘progress’ because you are expecting a result from a program that isn’t designed for your goals. Listen it’s super tough finding what works for you; but be true to yourself and your present capabilities😅If completing a certain program is something you want to do - then work towards gaining knowledge on the style of training; get the advice or help where needed and in your own time complete it. Side note - I can’t be the only one who uses their phone cover as a wallet?! Haha talk about a photo killer 📱💸😂 _ #bbg #workout #bbgweek6 #fittips #candibod #fitnessmotivation #sweat12wc #kaylaitsines #fitness #bodypositive #selflove #12weekchallenge #bodypositive

@mrssrilanka_world - My training season is back again watch out I’m gonna get the shit out of it bye bye offseason #gymmotivation #gymlife #narmadha #gaining #stayhealthy #happylife @supplement_regiment #supplement_regiment #bodypositive #loveyourbody #bestoftheday #instafitness #instaphoto

This post is dedicated to my stomach. I saw a set of posts that @lovefromdanica had done about being #bellypositive and it really got me thinking about how I pose and angle myself to create this ultra-popular “bottom heavy” shape. I am naturally a pear, and that comes with its advantages such as unwarranted body currencty/ privilege but it also comes with plenty of the opposite. When you consider the pear shape of today, the “Nicky Minaj” of bodies - you conjure up an image of flat stomachs, round full breasts and shapely thighs. I’m not here to dispute that this type of body is some women’s reality, and I applaud them just as I do myself for their beauty.. but(!) it is unfortunately not the reality for most of us carrying this shape. My thighs are large and pillowy, they rub at the top and they create creases under my bumcheeks. My stomach is soft and has a small pouch at the bottom, as is super common and often unspoken of among pear shaped bodies. My hips are soft and wide and come complete with the dreaded “hip dips”. My bum is dimpled as are my thighs and my stomach rests out as far as my backside when standing. I am a pear. I have a statistically small enough waist and large enough hips to classify - and yet I am not the pear the media wants to be recognized as beautiful. I am the true pear, the oversized pear, the dimpled, bumpy and lumpy pear.. and I’m here to tell all the other ones just like me that you are perfect. Do not hide your body for the comfort of others, do not allow the shame of being seen or not fitting an “image” to hold you back. Push out your belly, push out your big or little booty, and make the world feel your presence from here on out. You deserve it. We deserve it. Please believe me that it’s true ♥️

💋Show me how to say no to this💋

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When I bought this dress a few months ago, I couldn't fit it. The back wouldn't zip, stomach bulged out too much, and it kept riding up my knees. Now? Without even fucking trying, it fits. Only mild stomach tuckage going on here. That means I can now fit into large shirts/tanks/dresses again, size 17 jeans and large shirts. I ain't been a regular "large" anything since maybe 9th grade if not lower. Hell yes, I'm crying. #random #littleblackdress #bodypositive #goodvibes

🍀 JOUR VINGT SIX 🍀 . +800g ce matin sur la balance 😯 les excès du week end ... car oui, je n'ai absolument pas fait attention. J'ai profité. Et la balance n'en est pas contente ! . J'ai décidé de reprendre le #tbc depuis le début et sérieusement 🏃‍♀️ . Ce matin, au petit déjeuner, j'ai opté pour un yaourt nature, un peu de granola et une banane avec un peu de sirop d'érable. 🍌 . Place au ménage, courses er sport ! Vive les jours de repos 🤣 . Bonne journée mes petits chats 🐱 #fitness #fitfamily #fit #fitgirl #fitnessgirl #fitnessboy #goals #objectif #pertedepoids #onseremuelecocotier #sport #nouvellevie #newlife #sportive #esprit #viesaine #corpssain #body #bodypositive #heathlyfood #heathly #cuisine #regime #instaregimeuse #instagram #instagood #Défi30jours

• Der Muskelkater vom gestrigen Beintraining ist hart am stizzle, wenn ich das mal so salopp ausdrücken darf. 😅😂🔥 Aber nach dem Training ist bekanntlich vor dem Training! 😌 • Seid ihr eigentlich Montagsmenschen oder absolute Montagsmuffel? 🤔 Für mich ist jeder Montag wie in kleiner Neustart. Die Woche beginnt, also können wir wieder mit voller Power neu loslegen! 😁💪 Ich wache am Montagmorgen mit Vorfreude darauf auf, was die neue Woche so bringen wird. Und wenn du mit einem positiven Grundgedanken und den Tag startest, lässt sich wunderbar als kleine extra Motivation nutzen! ☺️🙌 • In diesem Sinne: habt einen tollen Start in die Woche, liebe Kollegen! 😁🚀 #mondaymotivation

When you finally see your waist while wearing clothes 😅🎉🙌 Training had been on point all week, got all my sessions in, nutrition has been about 80% - protein hit every day, just mixing up of carbs & fats 2/3 days cause I wanted ice cream or some other kinda treat and I really didn’t want to restrict myself too much while I was here so I could just enjoy the limited time we have together ❤️👫🍦 Happy to not be feeling like I need to be rolled home 🤪🐷 Success ✅💪🏽 #fitchick #fitcouple #fitfam #irishfitfam #perthfitfam #progress #progressnotperfection #trusttheprocess #fitspo #girlswholift #shelifts #gains #bodygoals #bodypositive #girlswithmuscle #summerbodiesaremadeinthewinter #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #goals #trainhard #iifym #flexibledieting #motivation #friday #tgif #perth #deadlift