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Can we move lunch to 10am? Because 11 seems too far away some days #babygurlhongry 👈🏼Amiright, @us_polizei?

forcing husband to stay home & play supervisor to contractor today so no play by play - I don’t think my blood pressure can take it #yesimstillgriping

Got out my film cameras the other day & gave them a little clean up. Gonna be putting them to use more. Started researching places to get processed since digital has sadly become king. Then realized @indiefilmlab was right here in good ole Alabama. Maybe that’s why my silly sister @lmoqb of @lisablumephoto supports them - getting back to her (redheaded) roots 🤗 Sidenote: Lisa this was an opportunity to say 👋🏼 & I miss your face. ps- let’s chat about how #filmisnotdead & processing

Monkey see, monkey “dew” 🐒 #mountaindew

Is there anything better than sunning with a good book? ☀️

Alright, Tuesday. Lez do this ⭐️

If anyone’s keeping tally, no I still don’t have flooring in my sunroom. No the workers weren’t here when I left or when I got home from work. No they didn’t take measures to prevent dust from going all over my clean living room or $3000 light grey couch by simply SHUTTING THE DOOR. And no I’m definitely not bitter about it. This is why I rely on YouTube tutorials rather than a dude with a business card & a extendable ladder that fancies himself a contractor. 😡

if I have @funcheaporfree playing in the background while I stare at reports for 8 hours it will soak in like osmosis, right?

My favorite weekend activities include: • not wearing a bra • napping • deciding at 11 o’clock at night to purge everything from a closet/drawer/pantry • abandoning my phone for hours/days


Even though my green thumbed mind knows it’s entirely too early for this year’s garden to be started, I couldn’t stop myself from feeling the spring fever while “just browsing” the plants at Lowe’s this morning. I allotted myself two tomatoes (Cherokee purple & better boy) & a flat of buttercrunch lettuce. I tried to supplement with seed packets but it just wasn’t the same. None the less I got a little dirt play time today & I’m already waiting on spring to arrive. 🍅🥒🥕 The rain & gloom has returned again so it’s time to curl up with a blanket & Harry Potter (aka nap). 😴

loving having the windows open & a smooth breeze blowing through the house - can’t we always have this (but with some sunshine)

Somehow between the dryer & the bed I lost a pillowcase. It’s nowhere to be found. And it’s 100% ruining my excitement over hopping in to clean lavender scented sheets tonight. I’ll be up til 3 am tearing apart the freshly cleaned house looking for it. #thedryereatsmylaundry

she was made up of delightful contradictions & as she got older she stopped trying to solve her intensity, her extremes, her sensitivity & celebrated them instead they proved she was alive, giving her all, opening herself to life & spontaneity as best she could the mess she felt was like the raw & untampered beauty of walking into & through the wild anything could happen that meant all the good stuff too the less she controlled & edited herself the more meaningful it all became the more she trusted all of her strange ways, the more her wild heart danced in the glory of being untamed there was no middle road for her her path was off the beaten track it made her soul flame wild & free to finally stop apologizing for being & feeling different // s c lourie 🖤

Hate is baggage. Life's too short to be pissed off all the time. It's just not worth it.

Hi Friday! 👋🏼 You’re a welcome sight. Almost as much as the construction workers that are coming to the house today. They’ve got their work cut out for them demo-ing that awful awful sunroom floor. Can’t wait to see the progress when I get home this evening. Change is coming to the Mason house! 🚧

look @us_polizei, it’s not a dog, field, or waterfall 😈