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Mornings at @cosstores press day 👌🏻 Best coffee in town and minimalist heaven 🤩

Fr ain’t nobody owe you shit. Get over yourself trying to live and dwell off the next person. Go get your OWN shit. I hate any mf that think I owe them shit, cus if we counted who owe who fr you probably owe me your servitude for life💯Idc I’m gonna get bands regardless, these other niggas and females want a hand out or want to reap the benefits of your labor, fuck all of them every single person like that I’ve met from my first day on Earth to 25 years later, y’all can go suck a dick. Every single person like that. Fuck you. Every time I get rid of those types I get richer💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

Good Morning!! 💞☕️xoxo☕️💞 #goodmorning #coffee #coffeeaddict #morningcoffee

Here's a throwback to February, when we had snow! Can you believe that we might still get snow this weekend? 😱 📸 @jonathanprunty #MaisonMoli #Bray #Cafe #Coffee #BadgerandDodo #CoffeeAddict #CaffieneFiend #TeaAndCoffee #goodcoffee #morningcoffee #tb #tbt #throwback #throwbackthursday #caffeine

Queen B and morning coffee👸🏽☕️

Настроение остаётся дома, налить огромную кружку кофе и смотреть сериал под тёплым пледом 😴 Однако настроение редко совпадает с реальностью 😏 . Пока писала пост выглянуло солнышко и жизнь повеселела 🔆 С новым днём! ♥️ #маша_делает_flatlay