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My kind of summer shadows | Calm days 🌴

Cruising in Lisboa #fairedelavieuneoeuvredart 📸 : @sardinesplease

I had planned on going for a 6+km swim so got my stuff ready the night before (gives me fewer excuses) and went to sleep. Woke up, rode with the boys to school, and came home. Thought, maybe I'll just do an hour or so....got ready and went to the lake. Water felt perfect! Had the usual 500m of minor niggles and grumbles (I think I read one of the @thewildswimmingbrothers mention this on their blog). Continued comfortably past 1km. Started feeling good. Kept going 2,3,4 passed then 5. 3-5 felt especially good. Now further south than normal. Looking at all the nice houses on the lake. Avoiding huge boats at unfamiliar harbours. Just after 5 I turned back. At that point it hit me. The wind had been behind me and there was a slight current in the water...I think from either snow melt or hydroelectric dams....I don't know about these things. Kept going 'upsteam' and it was fine until 6km. Struggled from 7 on....and realised...no drinks, no energy! Thinking I'd go for a short swim...I had nothing with me. Kept plodding along, a lot of breaststroke after 8, but a bit cautious now as the storm warning lights were on (you should get out of the lake) and several boats were ploughing around. Passed a few delicious restaurants which didn't help (@fischers.fritz.zh, @seerosezuerich, @quai61) and could smell the steak-frites and fried fish on the tables. Kept on and got to just over 10km. Hard work! Had weird 'sealegs' once I got out and everything looked like fast motion, or if frames had been removed from the video! Felt great though! Tired and happy. Really hungry! Also realised I'd forgotten suncream (last time I wore it swimming my cap and goggles kept slipping off). Consequently I look like a clown with weird red/brown colouring around my eyes. Thankfully my next obligation was a play date! - - - - - - - #wildswimming #freshwater #outdoorswimmingsociety #myswitzerland #visitswitzerland #facethespring #lake #nautical #igers_zurich #pathport #seenderschweiz #thehonestlens #outdoors #outdoorlifestyle #fitness #swimfit #boating #fitness #nature #sailing #themindfulapproach #swiss #marathonswimming #crawl #freestyle #fitspo #fitsporation #openwaterswimming #10km

It started with such good intentions. Coffee at a friends house. Late breakfast at Paul. Stroll through the park. Stop in to turn the pages at a local bookstore. But before I knew it, just after “late breakfast” I found myself unable to resist the magnetic draw of Kensington Church Street and a chance to snap a picture of my favourite pub in the sunshine. The littlest one dragging behind me all the while shouting, “MOMMY! This isn’t the way home....”

Вкусные и очень красивые места Амстердама ☕️ ⠀ В Амстердаме настолько красивые заведения, да еще и с классным меню (часто с полезным), что глаза разбегались. Выбор был сложный и придется возвращаться еще раз ̶т̶р̶и̶ ̶р̶а̶з̶а̶, чтобы точно побывать везде. ⠀ 🍦 Pluk Красивое место с красивыми смузи-боулами. Мой единорог в тарелке тому в подтверждение🦄 ⠀ ☕️ Scandinavian Embassy По словам местных тут варят один из самых лучших кофе в городе. Я не буду спорить. Мне еще понравилось как в амстердамских кафе устроены внутренние дворики, в которых тоже можно посидеть. Вот здесь такой дворик имеется. ⠀ 🥗 Benji’s Я бы тут просидела весь день, была бы моя воля. Интерьер, еда, атмосфера - это 20 из 10. ⠀ 🍪 Van Wonderen Stroopwafels Самые фотогеничные голландские вафли. Вкусные горячими. ⠀ 🐟 Frens Haringhndel Голландская селедка не оставит равнодушными даже тех, кто ее не любит. Будок с селедкой по городу много, но эта находится прямо у Цветочного рынка, поэтому вам точно по пути. И берите селедку на хлебе, иначе жирновато. ⠀ Места, куда мы не успели попасть, но все они красивые и надеюсь, что очень вкусные. Здесь и шоколадные печеньки, и завтраки, и ужины, и хороший кофе: ⠀ 🍴Bakers & Roasters 🍴Metropolitan 🍴Libertin 🍴Lavinia Good Food 🍴Van Stapele Koekmakerij 🍴Blue 🍴Gartine 🍴SLA 🍴Zoku 🍴Sticky Fingers 🍴Bocca Coffee 🍴Poke Perfect ⠀ ❗️Несколько амстердамских особенностей: ⠀ Многие кафе в Амстердаме работают максимум до 18 вечера. Для ужина лучше заранее присмотреть местечко, которое на них специализируется. А если заведение закрывается в 17:00, то заказ нужно сделать до 16:00, иначе у вас его не примут. ⠀ P.S. Все цены, меню и даже фото я размещала на телеграм-канале. Заходите, не стесняйтесь. ⠀ Ну что, кто захотел кушать? 😅 Пишите свои рекомендации в комментариях, если были в Амстердаме. ⠀ #katez_in_netherlands

Just a London scene ❤️🌸❤️🌸

I think I’ve reached my peak, I actually look like a fancy deckchair in this photo. Does life get any better than this? • I bought this dress for Malta but cracked it out last week when we had a heatwave. On the note of my holiday, it’s come to my realisation how unprepared I am 😅 ASOS premier anyone? • Download the LIKEtoKNOW.it app to shop this pic via screenshot 📸 link to my profile in bio 👋🏼 http://liketk.it/2vwwH #liketkit @liketoknow.it @liketoknow.it.europe [p.s. last billion outfit shots by @kellyprincewright , she’s a good egg 🥚]

| High above the mountains |

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It's a bit cool but at least it's sunny again. Here's a colourful facade from Burano Island. For more, please visit my blog. ✨Link in profile. ✨ ⠀ #veneziaunica #igersVenezia #venezia #venice #italy #italia #igersitalia #buranoisland #burano

El Coffe House de @benditahelena dentro del espacio @cooccio un lugar perfecto para un buen café de @nomadcoffee ☕️💙