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A short stop off at Trafalgar Square (1)

🚩Guiné-Bissau, África (English below) De volta à África... Nem só de árvore vive a Ilha de Angurman. Olha só a cor da água!!! Quando a maré está baixa, o contraste da areia branquinha com o azul clarinho da água do mar é lindo demais! .. 🚩Bissau, Africa Back to Africa.. Look at the color of the water !!! When the tide is low, the contrast between the white sand and the blue water of the see is really amazing! Você ainda não conhece o blog? Dá uma passadinha por lá,você vai gostar! Acesse 👉www.meusroteiros.com 👈 ou  clique no link da bio ☝

이 많은 책들도 각각의 색이 있는데 , 저는요


Bière des Champs is inspired by the beers brewed on the farms of rural Belgium to nourish field workers during hot summer months. We took a grist bill consisting of Belgian pilsner malt, flaked wheat, and malted spelt and fermented it with a very unique blend of yeast. The addition of generous amounts of hops from the Alsace region of France gives the beer a grassy quality. Just prior to bottling we added our farmhouse Brettanomyces strain to produce carbonation and a unique rustic character.