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Miriam Stimpfl

The light in my old room at my parents house is reason enough (next to my mom's huge necklace collection) to visit more often in spring-summer time.

It's a 5 story building and the whole last floor is mine. It's huge and there's enough space for at least 3 cats and 2 small-ish dogs. I bought it, after my second husband died and I had to leave, because everything reminded me of him. Go big or go home (which was exactly the last thing I wanted), I thought. So, here I am. Watching the waves from my bathroom window, while I soak in the bathtub with my third glass of wine and the cats curled up on the carpet next to me. There are stacks of books in every room (he told me once, that he wanted to read every relevant book ever written and when I said it truly wasn't possible, his only response was "try me."; I don't think he made it.) In summer I can smell the orange trees through the always open balcony doors and in winter I cuddle the cats in front of the fireplace (it took me a few weeks until I figured out the best way to arrange the wood in it). Sometimes I still dream of him, writing me letters and telling me all the things I always knew anyways. Waking up after these dreams is rough, but that's okay, because the time we had together was exactly what we both ever wished for. #somedaypossiblymaybe

How to Vienna in 3 days: Meet all the favorite people and go to places the first 2 days, do nothing and live the healthy life (burger + parks and recreation rewatch with my brother) at the 3rd one.

While I've already arrived in Vienna, I'm still dreaming of the perfect Berlin light in our kitchen from 2 days ago (pre-snow, of course). . . ps: our kitchen normally does NOT look this beautiful in real life, it's all about magic light aka the sun

- insert random caption about snow in Berlin // . . Very much tired, but I still have to pack my stuff, cause tomorrow I'll be traveling to Vienna & my hometown for a whole week (can't remember the last time I was in Austria for that long!). Oma Mehlspeisen, here I come!

Playing hide and seek with the cat (which means taking cute pictures of him sitting at odd spaces in the apartment until we get both bored and take a nap).

Cleaned kitchen, after I made a mess while making banana-hanuta milkshakes (yeah, I'm on that health-level (aka non) right now) and forgot to close the little seal of my mixer.

It's just my usual sunday-fernweh, I guess. But since we'll be in Lanzarote veryyy soon, it's not that bad.

I wish I would be as motivated in daily life as I'm in dragging plants around the apartment to new places every other weeks.

#GIVEAWAY / closed . . You guys, I’ve teamed up with @halloklarheit and you can win 2 of their amazingly useful lifecoach-calendars. I’m using mine since 2 weeks now and it helps me immensely to stay focused, organized and motivated. The calendars come with a structured layout to plan your everyday-life as effective as possible, weekly-reviews to see your success and a coaching-part with questions and exercises for self-reflection. It’s also vegan, which is great and undated, so you can start whenever you want. I’m giving away an englisch version (black calendar) and german version (white calendar). . TO WIN, all you have to do is follow me (@thewaveshavecome) and tell me about your big goal for 2018 (I don’t care if it’s a life-changing one or just to eat pizza every single week) and which version (english or german) you wanna win. The 2 winners will be choosen by me on sunday, 18th of march at 6 pm (CET) and the giveaway can be entered worldwide.

Every 2 years we make a 2 day trip to Hamburg and every 2 years I'm happy to drive back home to Berlin. Very strange hatelove going on here, but I just drank the best chai latte at Milch so yay.

Arrived well in Hamburg (hi @feverray!) and went straight to Kunsthalle to look at some art, although I spent 85% of the time stalking cute people and not looking at art, cause my mind's not really receptive for anything other than trash-tv and cute animal gifs atm (sad, I know).

Had to relocate our kitchen-monstera into the bedroom, because it was craving for more light (same, btw). #monsteramonday . . ps: what to we think about the continuation of call me by your name? Kinda torn about it.

Things I've done today: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. So basically just usual sunday stuff.

Just looking cute, while watching birds on the windowsill. Wish I had a hobby, which excites me that much... (well, except reading, obviously)

At least 60% of the time I'm sitting at my workplace, I'm not actually working. I'm rather doodling weird cats in my notebook, googling Jason Schwartzman trivia (did you know that his little brother is the singer of Rooney??) or just think about dinner.

[Anzeige/Ad] Wie man ein perfektes + minimalistisches Osternest macht: Lilien in die neuen Lieblingsvase, asketische (vielleicht war ich auch einfach nur zu faul, um sie zu färben, nobody knows) Oster-Eier und Pinot Noir Rosé von #breewein. You’re very welcome. #weinliebe

Miss you, Napoli. You're one of the good ones. For sure!

Just a little cat-appreciation post: hej boy, thanks for being as lazy as I am and sleeping on my face and keeping me warm and smelling like heaven and being cute all the time and letting me annoy you without being vindictive at all and for being my best friend. / That's all, bye.

#plantgoals at one of my favorite shops here in Berlin. I wish I had the space for such a hanging-beauty in my apartment. Might have to move afterall.